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ceramic art classes

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Ceramic Cupboard offers organized ceramics and clay pottery classes of various techniques. Instructors are Duncan Certified and extremely knowledgeable in ceramics. Please call for class schedule.

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Examples of what you can learn in our pottery and ceramics classes:

  • clay pottery making
  • how to paint your own ceramics pottery
  • how to use a pottery wheel
  • hand building with clay

Examples of a few ceramic painting techniques you can learn:

  • Drybrushing
  • Majolica
  • Overglaze Painting (decals, gold, pearl, opal)
  • Slip Trailing/Piping
  • Underglaze Painting (fantasy, contemporary, etc.)
  • Washes/Antiquing
  • Watercoloring


Click Here For Class Availability


creating mosaic art

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2012, Ceramic Cupboard

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